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2017-01-02 00:23:28 by DelitescentAria

Everything is going kinda shit right now. My family decided not to trust me anymore, my book isn't advancing, I'm not making music, generally uncomfortable in every aspect and it's not going uphill.

I appreciate anyone still sticking through my lack of content and the few people who favorited me. Right now, feeling very down.

Cheers people, hope you have it better than me.


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2017-01-02 04:54:13

We all have bad times sometimes and what matters most during those times is that we don't lose the hope that things will look up again.Take the time you need to pause everything,relax and reflect.Go through each problem and find out its cause and plan on the solutions.Start small and be patient.If you need to,seek someone whom you trust for advice or support.I hope everything works out for you and remember,always stay strong!

DelitescentAria responds:

Appreciate it. I wish there was a faint smile emoji


2017-01-12 04:54:16

It will get better at some point.. if you don't feel like creating now just take a break, try to do some other stuff and inspiration will come again :

good luck