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thinking about it

2017-07-25 01:33:59 by DelitescentAria

might release an ep.


working on that


cool beansies


2017-04-02 02:12:48 by DelitescentAria

I'm user of the day...



Arrowhead & Zentra - Funkyard         | Glitch Hop

cillia - FIRST         | J-pop (I guess, maybe)

Shawn Law ft. Detective Orange - Shots Fired         | Dubstep-ish

PhaseOne - Six feet under         | Dubstep

She - Atomic         | Dubstep


Have a nice listen :)



2017-01-02 00:23:28 by DelitescentAria

Everything is going kinda shit right now. My family decided not to trust me anymore, my book isn't advancing, I'm not making music, generally uncomfortable in every aspect and it's not going uphill.

I appreciate anyone still sticking through my lack of content and the few people who favorited me. Right now, feeling very down.

Cheers people, hope you have it better than me.

Help pls

2016-11-22 15:09:18 by DelitescentAria

If anyone knows a VST or samples that have Saccato strings, id be really happy to be informed. It's the only thing missing to my songs. Some orchestral drums would be nice too, if possible.

I appreciate any help

Cheers ^-^

The fated book

2016-10-25 23:25:18 by DelitescentAria

There's a wad of 153 pages of handwritten story on my desk, just waiting to be transcribed.

This might take me a while, but I'm working on it.


Also, since I don't plan on publishing it, does anyone want a pdf copy when it's done?

Cheers ^-^


2016-09-20 11:49:52 by DelitescentAria

So, I said I wouldn't do music during school. And I won't don't get me wrong. Not for the same reasons that's all.

It's because I want to focus on writing my book at the moment so I hope you understand.



2016-08-09 00:42:00 by DelitescentAria

Guess what's coming soon.




Guess what I can't do during school.






2016-06-17 18:59:42 by DelitescentAria

It appears that I was wrong towards my song approach in my last post.


I won't get ONE good song out.

I'm going to make lots of songs until I find what I'm most confortable doing.

So yeah :3


Cheers ^-^

First song

2016-06-05 23:41:03 by DelitescentAria

Really short thingy here. I'm currently working on my first song ever :D.

Yay ^-^

Don't think it'll be out soon though. This kinda shit is hard to make. By the end of the summer it should be out... Mabye? I don't know. I'm spewing out goals like I know what I'm doing. Anyhow, I'll post again, give updates, idk.

Stay awesome guys :)

Cheers ^-^